Keji Victoria + Stella & Dot

“People will stare. Make it worth their while.” – Harry Winston

I recently had the opportunity to photograph pieces from Keji Victoria #madewithlovebykv collection with complimentary accessories from Stella & Dot.

Keji Victoria is a fashion brand specialising in African tailor-made and ready to wear pieces owned by Keji Ewuosho showcasing her inspiration from traditional African attire.

All fabrics sourced from African and each piece, designed with a personal touch to suit the customers needs.

Stella & Dot is a boutique-style accessories company which offers flexible entrepreneurship opportunities for women, selling various personal items from jewelleries to bags.

For this studio shoot I collaborated with Photographers Jessica Page and Jasmine Fone in preparation for the launch of #madewithlovebykv.

Capturing images using high key lighting to express the true beauty of African Fashion and culture; full of colours, passion and confidence.

Equipment – Nikon D3100 with 50mm lens, three studio lights; two studio lights and a Softbox, occasionally using extras such as a reflector and a fan to enhance the outcome of the images.

Below are a few of my favourites from the shoot…

AMINA (Red Jacket)

Daisy (Wrap flare skirt)

KHADIJAT (Wrap dress)

DSC_0347 Armpits


LOLA (Two-Panel lace skirt)

MONICA (Silhouette layer pencil skirt)


MARIAM (Pleated, Afro-fused skirt)

LINDSEY (Mesh panelled crop top) & GLORIA (Mesh panelled full skirt)

ZARAH (Mesh trims t-shirt dress)

JANE (Dress tail blouse)

ZAINAB (Mesh cowl crop)


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